Turkish Lady Berlin
As of 2010, there were approx. 115,000 people with only Turkish citizenship residing in Berlin. Additionally, there are many people with both German and Turkish citizenship or just with German citizenship. Including people with partial Turkish ancestry there are up to 200,000 Turks in Berlin. The German state does not keep statistics on race, instead they categorize ethnic groups originating from Turkey as being of Turkish national origin. Therefore, this also includes many Kurds and other ethnic minorities from Turkey. Furthermore, these figures do not include ethnic Turkish minorities from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Iraq, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania or any other traditional area of Turkish settlement because they are categorized by their country of origin rather than their ethnic Turkish or Kurdish identity.

Top 5 Berlin Boroughs with largest population claiming Turkish Descent
Mitte: 11.4%
Neukölln: 12.0%
Kreuzberg: 10.9%
Tempelhof-Schöneberg: 6.6%
Reinickendorf: 5.8%